Trucking Accidents

Trucking Accidents

Every year many people are killed or injured in Georgia by big trucks

Trucking accidents are all too common an occurrence in the greater Augusta Georgia area. Our community is crisscrossed by major interstates. The region’s secondary roads connecting Augusta with Wrens, Lewisville, and Swainsboro are major arteries for delivery tankers and logging trucks.

More and more trucks are filling the highways each year. Now tandem or piggy back trucks create an entirely different level of risk on our roads. Major injuries and often death result from collisions with large trucks. Broken bones, paralysis, head fractures and other high-risk injuries are frequently caused by truck collisions.

Most big trucks are operated by licensed carriers required to follow federal and state guidelines for driver training, equipment maintenance, and limits on hours of operation. There are also strict rules regarding drug testing and driver cell phone usage. But many times, these rules are ignored. That is when tragedy can strike. Many factors lead to large trucks operating in an unsafe manner. Driver fatigue, improper loading, driving too fast, poor maintenance, improper turns, and failure to yield are often actions associated with the causes of trucking accidents. When a truck barrels into another vehicle at a high rate of speed, runs a red light or overturns in traffic serious accidents almost always occur.  

The attorneys at The David Bell Law Firm are experienced in the rules and regulations that trucking companies must follow. The firm’s experienced trucking accident lawyers also know how to access the key accident data – driver operating records, logs, maintenance records and the black box data that show how the truck was operating prior to the accident. Having access to this data often makes insurance companies treat claims in a much more serious manner.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured or killed in a tractor trailer accident in the Augusta Georgia area, contact the David Bell Law Firm.

There is no change for finding out if you can recover for the lost wages, medical bills, pain and suffering or emotional distress experienced from any accident.

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