Dog Bites

Dog Bites

Dog bites can often lead to serious injuries. Although we love our canines, regard them as pets, and always want to treat them with kindness, there are too many instances of ill-trained or vicious dogs seriously injuring children and adults occurring in our communities. You might just want to forget about a bad encounter with a neighborhood dog. But if you have been bitten, you do have legal rights.

The experienced personal injury lawyers at The David Bell Law Firm can help you understand what can be done if you are a victim of a dog bite. All across Georgia there have been troubling headlines about vicious dogs doing harm to people. Often these stories have in common a dog owner who fails to secure their animal according to the law. Dog bites can lead to serious injuries. They can happen in an instant. Many times, the actions of the dog’s owner created the opportunity for an attack to occur.

Each year over 4 million dog bites occur. Serious injury and in some cases, death can occur, from an unprovoked dog attack. Homeowners often fail to recognize their responsibility for keeping their pets secure and away from bikers, runners, walkers, delivery persons, workmen and neighborhood visitors. Dog bites can lead to serious infections, disfigurement, loss of the use of a limb and in horrible attacks, even death.

If you are the victim of a dog bite, no matter how small the wound, seek medical attention immediately. Even what appears to be something minor could become infected. If bitten make a note of the address. The home or business owner where the attack happened has an obligation to keep their pets under control. Most homeowner and business insurance policies cover these injuries. The attorneys at The David Bell Law Firm have years of experience dealing with insurance companies and dog bite cases. If you have been bitten, contact the firm and let one of our experienced injury attorneys advise you on how best to develop your claim.

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