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Nursing Home Abuse: How to Recognize the Signs

Is one of your loved ones in a nursing home facility? If so, do you feel like they are safe there?

In this article, You’ll learn about some of the most common signs of nursing home abuse. Knowing the signs may save your loved one from injury if not severe discomfort.

What Is Nursing Home Abuse?

Any harm that comes to senior residents of a nursing home facility is nursing home abuse. It doesn’t matter if the abuse is intentional or unintentional. Any form of abuse can cause trauma, medical emergencies, and even death.

Such incidences can devastate family members who think they can trust the facility’s staff. So it only makes sense that there are laws in place to protect nursing home residents.

If you notice abuse, you must report it to the proper authorities. Federal and state law protects elderly patients from living in unsafe spaces. Services such as the Adult Protection Services (APS) and Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program can also help.

What Are the Types of Nursing Home Abuse?

Learn more about the several different kinds of nursing home abuse experts have identified.

Nursing Home Neglect

This can happen when nursing home staff members leave elderly patients without the necessary care. Elderly patients can be in danger of not being fed, bathed, and more. This can cause elderly patients to develop dangerous conditions such as bed sores, sepsis, dehydration, and more.

Medical Abuse

Overworked staff members may overmedicate patients to keep them under control. While sedation for care does occur, staff members should not do it to the point where patients are in danger. They also shouldn’t give them more medication than what is necessary.

Financial Abuse

Unfortunately, stealing from elderly patients can occur. For example, they can steal physical cash or a patient’s credit card. They may also become friendly with an elderly patient and trick them into signing a check.

Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse refers to the manipulation of a person’s emotions. This can include several forms of verbal abuse, such as insulting and intimidating someone. Emotional abusers can also refuse to communicate with or withdraw from their victims.

Physical Abuse

Physical abuse includes any way that a bully injures their victim. This can consist of pushing and hitting the victim. The bullies can use parts of their bodies or specific objects to do this.

Sexual Abuse

Any form of unwanted sexual activity is sexual abuse. Unfortunately, this can happen to vulnerable elderly patients.

Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

The next time you’re with your loved ones, examine them and their surroundings. You can probably notice any bruises, bleeding, or other injuries. But some other nursing home abuse signs may be harder to spot.

See if you can spot any typical signs of nursing home abuse.

Unsanitary Conditions

Does your loved one’s room look dirty? Perhaps you can see soiled bedsheets or clothes. There may also be pests in the room.

This shouldn’t be the case. Living in such unsanitary conditions puts your loved one in danger of illness. It can also be a sign that a caretaker is neglecting them.

Weight loss

This is a tricky sign. It could be that your loved one is not eating. Some diseases can also cause people to lose weight.

But sudden weight loss is still a cause for suspicion, as staff members may have neglected to feed your loved one properly.

Bed Sores

Bed sores appear as swellings, tender areas, or unusual changes in skin texture. They happen when a section of the skin faces extended periods of pressure. Such pressure often occurs when a person lies in bed for an extended period.

Staff members should turn elderly patients over in bed if they don’t move. If you see bed sores, your loved one may be experiencing neglect.

Odd Staff Behavior

Did you hear a staff member belittling your loved one? That can be a sign that a staff member is committing verbal abuse.

You may also notice that the staff member refuses to leave them alone with your loved one. If this happens, the staff member is probably afraid that your loved one will tell you about their abuse.

Get the Compensation You Deserve

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