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David Bell Law Firm Presents the 8th Annual Southern Studies Symposium

[Atlanta, Georgia] – David Bell Law Firm presented the 8th Annual Southern Studies Symposium, which took place in the Ceremonial Courtroom at Georgia State University (GSU) College of Law on Saturday, March 11, 2023. The symposium honored the lives of Governors Ernest Vandiver, Carl Sanders, and George Busbee. Featured speakers included Ashton Ellett, PhD; Jane V. Kidd and Chip Vandiver; Glenn Eskew, PhD; Randall L. Patton, PhD; and Charles Bullock, PhD. The Honorable Steve Jones presided as emcee.

David Bell Law Firm is proud to have brought the Southern Studies Symposium to Atlanta, Georgia. This was the 8th Annual symposium for the study of Georgia and Southern history and politics. Past subjects have included Marvin Griffin, Walter George, The Three Governors Controversy, Eugene Talmadge, Richard Russell, and Carl Vinson. This year, we were delighted to have the assistance of Bill Nigut of Georgia Public Broadcasting to assist in moderating the program. Mr. Nigut also mentioned the symposium on the Political Rewind program. Please follow these links to listen.



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